Male grooming, waxing and hair removal is gaining popularity not just amongst athletes but by men in general. Grooming includes the eyebrows, ears, nose, feet, chest, back, legs and gential area . Hair removal to the gential area is commonly referred to as brazilian, hollywood or full-monty.Waxing is a temporary method of removing unwanted body hair by removing the hair from the root of the hair follicle. Warm wax is applied to the hair and removed with a strip.

Beauty Estiteca offers professional male waxing and grooming done by qualified therapists in an hygienic and comfortable setting using only high quality products. Waxing for men is gaining popularity is Pretoria with a large number of men travelling from aroung South Africa to utilise our professional male waxing service.

Clients who intend doing male grooming and waxing should ensure that  they bathe immediately before their treatment. Should you have a low pain threshold,  paracetemol can be takenapproximately 20 mins before a wax. .

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